Stop building bridges over puddles

Picture this…
You’re driving down the road and you see 6 construction workers standing around a tiny pot hole.

You wander over to see what’s going on. They’re having a big meeting. There’s a bunch of graphs and plans, it looks intense.

The workers finish their meeting and get straight into it.

You suddenly realise what they’re doing…they’re building a bridge. You think to yourself,  ‘What????? A bridge? Over a tiny little pot hole? I mean, you would barely even feel it if you drove over it’.

You watch as they work hard at building this bridge. You can’t help but wonder, ‘How much is it going to cost? Surely bridges don’t come cheap, not to mention the cost in man power’.

You start to get annoyed. What a waste of time and resources. You look around at the street. It’s actually a really lovely street. So many nice things to look at enjoy. You look again at the workers, backs turned to all the great stuff, purely focused on this tiny… miniature… insignificant pot hole… in fact, the closer you look the more you realise it’s not even a pot hole, it’s a puddle.

Ok, now you’re angry. All of this for a puddle? You walk off mumbling to yourself about how silly some people can be.

You get home, you notice someone’s Facebook post. You’re instantly annoyed. Even though the post wasn’t to you or about you you can’t believe what this person wrote!! You sit there staring at the screen, you private message a friend, showing her what this person wrote.

You start to cook dinner… nope, still too angry… you text another friend, you tell her all about this post on Facebook.

You go to use some eggs, the eggs are out of date. ‘Great!’ you say sarcastically, ‘when it rains it pours’.

You take a quick drive to the shops, someone takes your car park. Wow, talk about a final straw, especially after the post you just read.

You go to bed annoyed and angry at the world, in fact you can barely get to sleep. You lie there in your nice warm bed, thinking about all those little things that have annoyed you over the course of the day.

You think back to those construction workers building a bridge over a puddle, and as you drift off to sleep mumble under your breath, ‘Pfft…. those fools.’


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