One Small Step for God, one giant leap for mankind

Jun 8th, 2015 Faith, Inspiration, Kids, Life Bek 3 min read

‘Houston, we have a problem…’ I was at the playground the other day with my 2 year old. He was climbing down a ladder and even though the bars were easy for him to reach, the last step to the ground was just a too far for his little legs. I watched him from a distance as his foot searched for the ground. After a…


When God’s timing is different to ours

May 25th, 2015 Faith, Inspiration, Kids, Life Bek 12 min read

People can be really dumb.. ‘Maybe you’re not trying hard enough’… ‘Don’t you want to have kids?’… ‘You should just hurry up and have babies’. You may have heard these same kinds of things; often from well meaning people, usually from those who don’t really know what to say.   2 years into marriage we decided to start trying for babies. I remember when we…