How many of these can you relate to?

1. Instead of going upstairs to check my son has cleaned his room I get him to send me a picture

2 .When my son mispronounces words and they sound like swear words I don’t correct him

3. My teenage son is a pain to get out of bed in the mornings. He’s said my voice is annoying and says I’m always yelling so I bought a $10 megaphone from Target. Best $10 I’ve ever spent. Now I can just speak through the megaphone ‘Samuel, I need the bins emptied’.

4. I can go days without a shower.

5. If i haven’t done the washing and my 2 year old is in his daggy mismatched clothes I just tell people he wanted to dress himself

6. I’ve convinced my daughter that chocolate is ‘mummy medicine’

7. I taught my son ‘Daddy’ as his first word. Then when he would call out in the night my husband would have to get up.

8. One time when my daughter peed on my bed during a change at night (when I decided not to use a mat cuz I was feeling lucky) I didn’t change the sheets and slept on the other side.

9. Now that I’m not at university full-time, I will wear the same outfit three days in a row to (a) have less laundry to do, and (b) avoid making decisions about what to wear every day.

10. I’ve scribbled and slapped paint on butchers paper and used it to wrap presents – wedding presents, adult presents, kids presents, whatever…! When people comment on the boys lovely artwork, I just stay quiet. Truth is I didn’t have any wrapping paper…


What are your mummy confessions??