‘Houston, we have a problem…’

I was at the playground the other day with my 2 year old. He was climbing down a ladder and even though the bars were easy for him to reach, the last step to the ground was just a too far for his little legs.

I watched him from a distance as his foot searched for the ground. After a while he started to call out for me. I walked over there, and seeing that he was so close to the ground I resisted the urge to help him that last bit.

Instead I told him that he was almost there and that he just had to trust me, I could see the ground and I knew he could easy make it. He was so close to the end; it was just a tiny gap.

As I watched him searching with his foot and not trusting me when i said he could make it, I started to think about our relationship with God, and how we act when he asks us to do things.

As I stood there frustrated with Isaiah for not trusting me I realised how gracious God is when dealing with us – how He watches us as we try to complete tasks he has given us to do…it always starts off easy..we actually enjoy the mystery and experience of doing something new.

It’s when we have to step out in faith that we start to freak out.

Meanwhile God is there with us, watching us, and He’s trying to calmly prompt us and remind us that He can see the big picture and that we’re really close, we just have to trust that the solid ground is right there.

As we hang there, searching for our footing we start to doubt that God knows what he’s talking about, we start to worry that maybe He made a big mistake, maybe we are the wrong person to be doing this.

We find it so hard to actually listen to His gentle calm voice telling us He’s right there, we’re close to Him,  and we just have to step out in faith.

How much time we waste dangling there, or even worse, trying to find a different way down, sometimes climbing back up and going back the way we came.
Something that in the big scheme of things is so small and simple, and yet with our tiny human brains we feel like we’re jumping off the top of a building.

Eventually Isaiah took that final step, and we both let out a ‘Hooray!’.

Here’s what I’ve learned:

God can see EVERYTHING and He actually knows what He’s doing

God is trustworthy, if He asks you to do something He’s got your back

We need to stop thinking about our own capabilities and remember that we have the Holy Spirit and that we have a strength much greater than our own working within us.
Something that seems huge at the time might only be the tiniest thing. Remember to put things into perspective.


and most importantly…….

God loves you. He wants you to finish the tasks He has set out before you. He wants the best for you.

What do you need to surrender today? Have you checked to see if you’re holding out on that last step of faith?