Have you considered all the different types of mums in your life?
Here’s 5 different mums you may have overlooked this Mother’s day

1. Solo Mums
Thank you to the women who are raising their children alone. For those who have had to go back to work to provide for their children. For the single mums who have to be mum AND dad, with no breaks, no sleep ins. For the single mums who bought and wrapped their own Mothers day present. We see how much you do, we see how hard you work, and today we celebrate you!

2. Adopted Mums
Thank you to the women who are raising someone else’s children. For the mums who have adopted other children into their lives and love them as their own. We appreciate the love you give and the sacrifice you have made to step into that parenting role. Today we celebrate you!

3. Single women
Thank you to the women who help us raise our children.The women who long for marriage and children of their own. We see how much love you pour into nieces, nephews and your friend’s children. We appreciate that you are in a time of praying and waiting and we celebrate the role you play in our children’s lives.

4. Women who have suffered loss
To the women who are struggling to conceive or have suffered loss, we acknowledge how hard this day can be for you and we pray for joy in your hearts, knowing that one day you will be reunited with your babies in heaven.

5. Biological mums
To the women who have carried their babies for 9 months and spent sleepless nights rocking a cranky baby, who work tirelessly to provide a loving home for their children. Who spends nights wondering if they’ve make mistakes in how they parent. You are awesome and We celebrate you today!

Mother’s Day is not just a day of celebrating our biological mothers but a day to celebrate the different women in our lives, the women who teach us, challenge us, encourage us and show us the love of our Heavenly Father.
Happy Mother’s Day to all the different mums in our lives!!